Richard Wilson’s Thoughts on Colin

Hi! This is Poppy, one of the staff members on Simply Morgan!

A few days ago, I tweeted about having the opportunity of attending a workshop with Richard Wilson (Gaius) and couldn’t resist asking a question about Colin! Richard’s answer was so lovely that I thought I’d share it with you!

Colin and Richard on set

Question: Would you ever direct Colin in a play?

Richard: I told Colin Morgan I would direct him in anything he chooses. Colin (Morgan) is going to be a very big name and Shine (the company who did Merlin) were so lucky to get him. He’s a brilliant actor and so professional…so hard-working and a really nice guy. I would…I think he’s metaphorical…I realise…he should be…he gave me a DVD of a small film he did in Scotland…erm…on the Isle of Skye…and he’s Irish, remember…he’s from Northern Ireland…and he did this film and when I heard him speak for the first time in this film, I almost…I thought…”he’s been dubbed!” It was so extraordinary…he found this Highland lilt somehow. It didn’t sound like him…brilliant. Watch him…watch him! He’s going to be big. I told him…I told him he could come to Sheffield at any time, but he’s going to the Globe…

We think Richard is right! Colin is going to be a big name and we’ll be here to party when he does!



7 responses to “Richard Wilson’s Thoughts on Colin

  1. Thank you! Such a nice quote! Colin Morgan is amazing and I love that the poeple who work with him see his amazingness. I’m so happy to be one of his million fans!

  2. From one so respected in an industry so fraught, that was praise of the highest magnitude, we love you all so much, endless hours of being engrosed in Merlin, we shall watch you all for your future works.xx

  3. I love Colin Morgan and I am with the Merthurs hoping we can get another series of Merlin,I wish Colin would come and appear in something in Cardiff near to where I live so I could go and see him

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